Motorcycle Parking Etiquette: Important Things to Know
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Motorcycle Parking Etiquette (Safety Oriented)

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Rules of Parking a Motorcycle in San Diego, CA


The smaller parking footprint of motorcycles may lead you to believe that parking etiquette for these vehicles is similar to bicycles, but this is hardly the case. In California, riders can get infraction tickets for not following sections 22500 through 22503 of the Vehicle Code, which govern street and sidewalk parking of motorcycles. Moreover, municipal codes across the Golden State may impose other rules or vary their degrees of enforcement. Aside from traffic laws and municipal codes, riders are also expected to practice certain etiquette when parking, particularly in cases when the aforementioned laws may no longer apply. Getting tickets for improper motorcycle parking can get expensive, not only because of the fine but also because your insurance premiums may increase.

With the above in mind, here are some etiquette topics for you to think about regarding parking your motorcycle.

Being Considerate in Designated Spots

Not many places offer designated parking spaces to motorcycles, and the ones that do often allocate a rectangular area, leaving it up to riders to occupy it as they see fit. The general courtesy in this case is to park at an angle that makes it comfortable for others to enter and leave the space. Bad etiquette in this case would be to park a large touring motorcycle right in the middle of the space when no one else has approached it.

Parking Too Close to a Space for Drivers with Disabilities

In parking lots across California, you will often see that parking spaces for drivers with disabilities are like islands in the sense that they feature quite a bit of unmarked space between them and regular spots. Even though motorcycles often fit in these unmarked spaces, it’s in bad taste to take advantage of them, since disabled drivers may need more room to exit or enter their vehicles.

Parking on Sidewalks

Parking a motorcycle on a sidewalk is an easy way to get a ticket in Southern California, but it’s often seen in San Francisco, Napa Valley, and all the way north to the Oregon border. The wheels or body of your motorcycle shouldn’t be in contact with the sidewalk, but you can still touch the curb with your tires even if the mirrors overhang above the sidewalk. The pertinent law in this case is section 22500 of the Vehicle Code, which applies all over the Golden State. If you’re ever in doubt, err on the side of caution. Remember, a ticket means your motorcycle insurance rates could go up.

To know more about the influence of wrong parking on your motorcycle insurance, National City vehicle owner can speak with the professionals at Altra Insurance.

Sharing Regular Parking Spots

Similar to designated spots for motorcycles, parking spaces meant for cars are better utilized if more than one rider uses them. Plus, two or more bikes make the space more visible from a distance, thus avoiding automobile drivers screeching to a halt when they think they see an empty spot. In this case, side-by-side parking is encouraged whenever possible.

Most of us know the rules of the road when it comes to parking cars, but the customs and regulations are a little different for motorcycles. Following the steps above will give you a solid foundation of courtesy and adherence to the law. The experienced professionals at Altra Insurance Services can offer you even more tips about road safety and etiquette, and we can provide you with insurance coverage for your bike as well as your car and home insurance and car insurance National City. Call one of our friendly agents today at (800) 719-9972.

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