Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Flat Tires?
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Will My Motorcycle Insurance Cover a Flat Tire?

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Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Flat Tires in San Diego, CA


The thrill of riding a motorcycle never really goes away, and owning one makes it possible to enjoy the open air as you head to the office or out for a day full of fun. While there’s a certain type of freedom you feel every time you get on your bike, there’s also a great responsibility to take care of yourself and look out for others. For a motorcyclist, a flat tire is a major problem that can drag down an otherwise wonderful day. Learning about how and when motorcycle insurance will cover a flat tire helps you make sure your policy covers this common roadside emergency.

Make Sure You Have the Required Types of Insurance

The first thing you’ll want to do is check into which types of insurance you’re required to have for your vehicle. Liability coverage is a must-have for motorcycle owners, and this will help you pay for any damages that occur to the other party when you’re at fault for an accident. While this won’t cover flat tires on your end, it protects you from being out of compliance with the law and provides financial assistance if you need to pay for your involvement in an accident. 

Comprehensive coverage is another type you might need. Although it’s sometimes optional, most lenders will require you to pick up this coverage if you still owe them money for your motorcycle. With this type of coverage, a flat tire might be covered if it’s damaged and included as part of the amount of money you receive for repairs after an accident.

Know Why Flat Tires Are a Major Hardship

Flat tires can sometimes happen in the absence of vehicle collisions. You might get a flat tire from running over debris in the road, or a tire might wear out over time. While most cars have spare tires, you likely won’t have one on your motorcycle. This can leave you stranded with no way to get home other than calling for a tow truck or repairing the tire on-site.

Check into Roadside Assistance Coverage

Most motorcycle insurance carriers offer an optional form of coverage that allows motorcyclists to get help when they discover their vehicles have flat tires. Roadside assistance coverage makes it possible to get help from a technician who will come to where you’re stranded. In some cases, the technician will be able to provide air to help you get back home, or the technician may tow your motorcycle to a repair shop so you can get home safely.

Be Proactive about Flat Tire Prevention

Choosing to get roadside assistance coverage alleviates some of the stress that comes with riding a vehicle without a spare tire. In addition to choosing this type of insurance add-on, you’ll want to do your best to avoid having to make a claim. Make sure the tires on your motorcycle are properly inflated, and inspect them regularly to see if they have any damage. Replacing old tires further helps you avoid discovering you have a flat tire that requires you to call for assistance. 

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