5 Tips For Buying A Safe Car The Smart Way
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How to Buy a Safe Car – 5 Essential Tips

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How to Purchase a Safe Automobile in San Diego, CA


If you’ve ever been involved in a serious car accident, you probably know just how severe the injuries can be. Lacerated tendons, facial scarring, whiplash, concussions, fractured ribs, and even broken bones are quite common in high-speed collisions. When you consider the randomness of car accidents, planning for maximum safety should always be your number one concern. The insurance experts from Altra Insurance Services, providers of reliable, affordable auto insurance San Diego drivers rely on for outstanding service, offer these 5 key tips for buying a safe car.

1. Consider the Mass of the Vehicle

A vehicle with a larger mass will hold up better in a collision. Therefore, if you buy a smart car or another type of subcompact, you should be wary of driving it on the highways and in congested traffic where gridlock can deprive you of maneuverability. Accidents are very situational and require the ability to avoid the risks where those situations are most likely to occur.

2. Look at the Safety Ratings

Vehicles are tested in laboratory conditions to determine how well they hold up in situations involving front, rear, and side impacts. Mercedes-Benz is among the best in side impacts because they have airbags in some models that sense an imminent crash and eject the driver away from the door. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) both conduct crash tests and have determined the Hyundai Tucson is the best overall in laboratory conditions.

3. Obtain a Technological Edge

The latest intelligent crash-prevention systems on the market take safety to a whole new level. Features such as automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, adaptive high beams, stability control, blind-spot detection, cross-traffic alerts, and forward collision avoidance systems are futuristic upgrades. These computer-controlled systems rely heavily on radar sensors to create an invisible bubble around your vehicle. If a pedestrian, pet, or vehicle encroaches in your space, you’ll be alerted with sufficient time to react and may even be saved by last-second braking maneuvers if you’re asleep at the wheel. Although these safety devices aren’t substitutes for safe driving habits, they can greatly reduce your chances of a random accident.

4. Purchase a Silver or White Car

According to research performed by Monash University’s Accident Research Centre, silver and white cars are statistically safer. Drivers who purchase dark and neutral-colored vehicles run the risk of becoming nearly invisible at night, especially in inclement weather.

5. Buy a Car You Feel Comfortable Driving

Ultimately, at the end of the day, you’re the one who’s in command of your vehicle. If you don’t feel comfortable driving it, this is only going to make your time on the road a burdensome labor instead of a stress-free pleasure. You may not enjoy driving a vehicle if the suspension is too soft and it handles poorly at highway speeds. You may also experience bad handling from improper tire inflation, worn steering parts, or a vehicle that’s poorly engineered, with mushy oversteer or understeer.

No matter how safe your car is, you still need insurance coverage in case of an accident. If you need reliable auto insurance, turn to Altra Insurance Services. We are also a leading provider of affordable motorcycle insurance San Diego vehicle owners can call 619-474-6666 today for a complimentary quote on insurance coverage.

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