Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Flooding?
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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Damage Caused by Flooding?

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Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover Flood Damage in San Diego, CA


Although you might assume otherwise, flood insurance isn’t automatically obtained through purchasing homeowners insurance. San Diego homeowners should be aware that flood insurance isn’t mandatory to own in most cases. Since flood damage can happen to anyone, it’s important to understand the scope of this type of coverage. Many have found their homes flooded and were left to foot the entire repair bill on their own. The following points will help you understand typical homeowners insurance coverage and determine whether you need to purchase additional flood insurance.

It Probably Covers Appliance-Related Disasters

Most homeowners insurance covers damage to a property from sudden and accidental disasters related to appliances in the home, including broken washing machines, burst pipes, and water heater malfunctions. Homeowners insurance won’t cover the cost of a new appliance, but it should cover the damage to your floors if you haven’t been negligent in maintaining them. Although there’s always a danger of an appliance breaking, you can be covered for damage to your home if you maintain it responsibly.

It Probably Doesn’t Cover Storm Damages

If a storm rips through your roofing and slightly dampens your home, you’ll most likely be covered under homeowners insurance, as this would be considered water damage. When water fills two or more acres of normally dry land, water damage becomes flood damage. Since a standard homeowners insurance policy doesn’t cover flood damage, a strong storm could easily leave you without coverage and with a big bill.

Flood Insurance Is Primarily Purchased from the Government

The National Flood Insurance Program handles standard flood insurance claims. The government covers up to $250,000 for home repairs and $100,000 for personal possessions lost during a flood. If you need more coverage, private insurance entities can sell you more. It must be noted that if you live in a high-risk flood zone, you have to have flood insurance. The annual price for this insurance can be $700 per year if you live in a high-risk zone. It will cost considerably less if you live in an area where floods don’t generally occur. Since flood insurance takes 30 days to take effect, it’s wise to purchase it as early as possible.

Sewer Backup Isn’t Considered Flood Damage

When a sewer backs up into your home, you’re usually not covered through flood insurance. You need to purchase this type of insurance separately through your main insurance provider. Although a sewer backup can flood your home, it’s only covered under flood insurance if it resulted from a flooding incident. If your sewer line malfunctions on its own, flood insurance won’t cover damages.

Make sure to check with your insurance agent so you know exactly what’s covered in the event of flooding or other types of water damage to your home. If you need reliable, affordable car insurance National City, call on the experienced, trustworthy professionals at Altra Insurance Services. We can also provide you with renters, commercial, and car insurance. San Diego homeowners can learn more about our high-quality personal service by calling us today at 619-474-6666.

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