What Is Not Covered by Commercial Insurance?
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What Are Some Things Commercial Insurance Doesn’t Cover?

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Some Things Commercial Insurance Doesn’t Cover


Regardless of what type of business or commercial operation you have, there will be certain risks involved. These potential risks may involve legal liabilities and other issues that could seriously impact you financially, and there are some things not typically covered by standard seguro comercial San Diego business owners should be aware of as they explore supplemental coverage options.

Responsabilidad profesional

General commercial insurance won’t cover any risks specific to your profession. If you have plans to open and run a doctor’s office, for instance, you would also need medical malpractice insurance. Lawyers and accountants would need professional liability insurance to cover profession-specific risks. The type of supplemental liability coverage you’ll need will depend on the nature of your profession and business.

Full Equipment Replacement Costs

The property damage part of a standard commercial liability policy will cover costs to replace business equipment. However, the payout is usually limited to the actual value of the damaged equipment. This can be a problem if you have older equipment that has lost significant value over the years. This gap in current value and replacement cost can be covered by a full replacement cost rider.

Losses from Certain Business Interruptions

Let’s say a substantial part of your inventory is lost due to fire or flood. A standard general liability policy would cover the costs of whatever physical inventory was lost. However, you wouldn’t be covered for the loss of income from orders you’re now unable to fill. A business interruption rider would be the type of supplemental coverage to add if this is a potential risk for your business.

Compensación de trabajadores

All businesses with employees are required to provide some type of workers’ comp insurance to cover expenses related to on-the-job injuries. But you won’t get this type of coverage with a standard general liability policy. Instead, you’ll need separate workers’ comp coverage. You may also be required to pay into your state’s workers’ compensation system, depending on the state where your business is primarily based.

Damage or Injuries Related to Commercial Vehicles

General liability insurance won’t cover any damage that occurs when employees are driving outside your immediate facility or property. For this reason, you’ll need a separate commercial auto insurance policy to cover your vehicles when your employees are using them. Again, whether you’ll need to do this will depend on the nature of your business. If you have service vehicles, for example, commercial auto insurance would be recommended.

Other “Extras”

You may need other types of supplemental or “extra” coverage as well to round out your commercial coverage. For instance, if you manufacture and sell your own products, you may benefit from separate product liability coverage to protect yourself from any potential claims specific to product safety and performance.

Es vital proteger su negocio de los peligros evitables, y el seguro comercial es una de las herramientas más valiosas que puede usar para salvaguardar la salud financiera de su negocio. Cuando se trata de seguros comerciales, busque a los profesionales de Altra Insurance Services para obtener consejos sólidos basados en años de experiencia en la industria de seguros. También ofrecemos propietarios confiables, inquilinos y auto insurance Chula Vista. Local residents can call one of our knowledgeable agents today at (800) 719-9972 to discuss their insurance needs. 

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