Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Landscaping?
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Is My Landscaping Covered by Home Insurance?

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Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Landscaping in San Diego, CA


Your home’s landscaping is one of its most notable features. Whether you chose xeriscaping or have a lush, green lawn, seeing the outdoor part of your property get damaged is upsetting. Homeowners insurance can sometimes cover landscaping, but you’ll want to take a close look at your policy. Some types of damage fall under the typical forms of coverage, but there may be times when you might need to cover the cost of replacing plants yourself. Knowing when the landscaping might be covered helps you make sure to file your claim.

Contact Your Insurance Company after a Fire

A house fire is a catastrophe that requires you to rely on your Homeowners insurance Chula Vista to begin the process of restoring your property. Many policies include landscaping in their coverage for house fires. From burned plants to ruined water features, you may be able to get your insurance to cover common types of fire damage that extend to the outside portion of your home.

Don’t Expect Coverage for Foul Weather or Pest Activity

In most cases, you won’t find insurance companies covering the cost of restoring the landscaping after a natural disaster such as high winds or a drought. However, you can sometimes add flood and other additional types of coverage that might pay for these types of damage. You’ll just want to make sure your policy covers both the indoor and outdoor areas of your property. Damage from pests and diseases is another problem that might require you to pay out of pocket for landscaping services. Typically, this is because pest problems and diseases can usually be caught early enough to prevent serious damage if homeowners are maintaining their landscaping properly.

Consider Filing a Claim for Vandalism or Vehicle Damage

If vandals whack down your gorgeous trees or damage your bushes, you might be able to get help covering the costs. Smashed or broken plants, damaged fountains, and other noticeable features in the landscaping are often covered if a car runs across the lawn. Keep in mind the other person’s auto insurance may cover the damage, so get the information from the responsible party if you know who caused the accident. Unfortunately, people don’t always come forward. If you woke up or came home to car tracks on your lawn, your insurance might kick in.

Find Out if Insurance Covers a Fallen Tree

Falling trees are expensive to remove, and the impact might have damaged multiple areas of your property. As a general rule, homeowners insurance covers trees that have fallen on top of your house or other structures that are covered. However, it might not cover tree removal if the tree is just lying on the ground. You’ll also want to note that insurance companies are less likely to pay for damage that’s due to the policyholder’s negligence. Make sure to trim tree branches and remove unhealthy trees before they have a chance to cause damage.

If you own a home or are considering buying one, take the time to understand exactly what your homeowners insurance policy does—and doesn’t—cover. It could save you a lot of time and money. The friendly professionals at Altra Insurance Services will be happy to help you examine your current policy and determine if you have the coverage you need. We can also help you with renters insurance, commercial insurance, and car insurance in Chula Vista. Call one of our friendly agents today at (800) 719-9972.

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