Should You Install Alarms at Your Business?
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Do I Need to Have an Alarm Installed at My Business?

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Need of an Alarm at My Business in San Diego, CA


A professional security system is a necessity for every business because it not only prevents robberies and thefts but also saves money and time. No business owner wants his or her business to face unnecessary risk that can consume valuable resources. With security alarms in place, thieves are deterred, and if they decide to commit a crime anyway, alarms make it easier to catch them.


Although catching burglars is very important, deterring them is an even higher priority. Many businesses install video surveillance systems in addition to alarm systems. The alarm can scare intruders off, while video surveillance captures identifying factors that can lead to their capture. Most burglars case a business before they break in because they’re looking for security systems, patterns, and easy access points. If they see a security alarm and/or cameras, they’re less likely to move any further in their study of the location and will move on.


By having measures in place that encourage burglars and robbers to move on, you’re protecting your assets. If you need to further justify the cost of a security system, consider the following:

  • Your assets most likely cost thousands of dollars, but a security system only costs hundreds
  • You want to minimize the number of insurance claims for your business to keep your premiums under control
  • The insurance company will lower your rate based on the security you have implemented in your business

Think about the fact that implementing alarms and other security components protects employees, inventory, and even data that can be extracted from computers if a burglar takes them in a break-in. Your insurance company takes all of this into consideration because having proper security lowers the risk. Lower risk means lower commercial insurance rates.


When you have an alarm system and/or video surveillance cameras in and around your business, you can focus on what’s important rather than on security issues. Many of those issues are taken care of for you, especially with 24/7 monitoring in place so you always have an extra set of eyes on your business. Your time is better spent on maintaining customer relations and building the business, not worrying about safety and security. Even when you’re away, you shouldn’t have to worry about your assets being at risk or employees being injured in a robbery or other incident.

Also, keep in mind there are security alarms that have carbon monoxide, flood, and fire detection built in. These systems add an extra layer of protection for the business. When you’re alerted to a hazard, the damage can be minimized. Early intervention can save a lot of time and money, which makes having a good security alarm in place well worth the investment.

Installing an alarm system to protect your business can give you greater peace of mind, and so can having reliable business insurance. If you need affordable insurance for your business, call on the experts from Altra Insurance. We also offer several other types of coverage, including homeowners and auto insurance National City. For a free quote, call one of our friendly agents today at 619-474-6666.

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