Does Insurance Cover a Car Breaking Down?
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Am I Covered if My Car Breaks Down?

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Am I Covered if My Car Breaks Down?


Purchasing car insurance can provide a sense of relief to many vehicle owners, primarily when car repairs are involved. In many cases, insurance is required when buying a vehicle, meaning owners cannot drive off the lot without it. However, policies don’t cover all damage caused by collisions or routine repairs. Prior to selecting an insurance provider and policy, it would be best to learn more about what’s covered, such as car breakdowns.

Engine Repairs

Most insurance providers deny these claims, making it stressful for car owners to fix their vehicles. However, there are some exceptions when it comes to engine repairs. For example, if you’re in a collision, your provider may be responsible for the mechanical issue and required to pay to have it fixed.

Keep in mind motor damage is typically covered by comprehensive and collision coverage. Therefore, comparing policies is necessary before selecting the best option for your vehicle. In addition to accidents, engine repairs due to external factors beyond your control are often covered. This includes things such as tree limbs falling on the car and incidents related to the weather.

Clutch Cable Replacement

A common cause of vehicle breakdowns includes clutch cables on manual cars. Every time gears change, the clutch cables will come under pressure. When damage occurs, there will be significant changes in how the clutch feels under your foot, and this is an issue you should never ignore, especially if an accident led to the problem.

Your car insurance provider may cover the replacement costs. However, if the clutch failure isn’t due to an accident, the claim may be denied, and you must pay out of pocket to get your vehicle up and running.

Damaged Tires & Wheels

These are other common causes of car breakdowns that can lead to costly repairs. Some repairs are typically covered if your policy includes comprehensive and collision coverage. However, the damage must be due to a covered peril, such as vandalism, theft, hail, wind, or lightning. When these types of accidents occur, there’s typically nothing you can do but stop your vehicle, check for damage, and call for assistance. Your insurance provider will check for other reasons for your car breaking down, such as poorly maintained tires or an improperly aligned wheel.

Routine Wear & Tear

Performing basic maintenance can keep your vehicle running smoothly. Car insurance rarely covers routine wear and tear. In most situations, the issues can be fixed before they lead to severe problems. For example, overheating is a common issue, but with proper maintenance, the coolant system can continue working at a sufficient level. If you fail to get routine service or you ignore the temperature light, leaks could occur, and you have a problem that could have been avoided. Therefore, taking advantage of every preventative service available under your policy is vital. Paying out of pocket for minor routine maintenance that reduces the risk of severe issues in the future is also essential. 

Breaking down on the road is never fun, but the experience can be a lot less nerve-racking if you know you’re covered by auto insurance. You can trust Altra Insurance with all of your insurance needs, including motorcycle, homeowners, and car insurance. San Diego drivers should call our friendly staff today at (619) 404-6311 to ask about our services or schedule an appointment.

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