Do Kill Switches Stop Car Thieves?
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How Do Kill Switches Prevent Car Theft?

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Car thefts are increasing yearly, leading more automobile owners to look for ways to stop this criminal act. A kill switch is one way to lower the risk of car theft and reduce the fear of walking out to find your car has been stolen. There are a variety of kill switches to take advantage of, and each has its own method of preventing thieves from driving away in your vehicle.

Cuts Off Fuel

If a thief has set his or her eyes on your vehicle with the intent to speed off in your car, the fuel cut-off switch will come in handy by preventing the engine from starting. The engine will fail to maintain power without a constant fuel supply because it cannot complete the combustion cycle. This process is necessary because the car cannot operate without power.

Since the engine will still crank, the thief may think the car is struggling to start. During this time, other drivers or individuals walking by could see the thief and consider it an issue with the vehicle. Others may know it’s an attempted theft. Regardless, the thief’s cover is blown, and he or she will probably leave your car.

Prevents Power from Reaching the Engine

Each time you get out of your vehicle, you can pull the ignition fuse and prevent thieves from driving away in your car. However, this is inconvenient to do every time you get out of your car, and remembering to do it can become complicated and frustrating over time. Therefore, installing a fuse box switch is the easier option. This kill switch prevents power from getting to your vehicle without cutting off the battery. When installing the device, make sure to put it in an area of the automobile that’s not challenging for you to locate but is secure from robbers.

Disconnects the Battery

Disconnecting its power is one of the best ways to stop a thief from stealing your vehicle. Thanks to a battery kill switch, you can do this and have more confidence when you leave your car.

If you’re concerned about the inconvenience of opening the hood of your automobile every time you want to use this feature, you can use different methods to install the device. Many people purchase wireless kill switches to cut off the battery power using a remote control.

Stops the Ignition

This is one of the simplest ways to stave off a criminal act like car theft, and it’s cost-efficient. With a functional ignition system, your vehicle should be able to start perfectly and run smoothly. However, installing an ignition wire kill switch that turns on and off on your command stops the car from running, preventing a thief from driving away. To ensure there are no warranty issues, consult your car insurance provider and the vehicle’s manufacturer to avoid preventable installation issues. 

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