How to Avoid Commercial Insurance Claims
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How to Avoid Facing a Business Insurance Claim

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How to Prevent Business Insurance Claims in San Diego, CA


As the owner of a company, commercial insurance claims are likely at the very bottom of the list of things you hope to encounter while doing business. While it’s nice to know you have coverage that protects you against certain losses, it’s always better to avoid accidents and incidents that could result in insurance claims, particularly those related to business liability. Quite a few commercial insurance claims can be prevented or at least sharply reduced. Here are some recommendations you can follow to avoid having to file or face claims , brought to you by the trusted provider of commercial insurance, National City business owners prefer.

Maintain a Safe Workplace

It takes more than common sense measures to make a business establishment a safe place for staff members and customers alike. The best way to approach safety in the workplace is to do it strategically, which involves evaluating risks, drafting a plan, implementing it, passing it on to managers, and making sure everyone is on the same page. Many new companies adopt their business plan as a blueprint for operations, but such plans rarely include a section on safety. For this reason, it’s imperative to write a separate safety plan.

Practice Proper Etiquette When Handling Accidents and Incidents

Business owners and managers should be prepared to deal with losses in a tactful manner. Let’s say an employee is injured on the job. Trying to talk him or her out of filing a workers’ compensation claim or failing to assist with the process could make matters worse and result in a civil complaint. If a customer slips and falls in a store, the decision to file a claim could hinge upon how he or she is treated by staff members and managers at the time of the accident.

Provide Good Customer Service

Business owners who have errors and omissions coverage can avoid claims by means of good communications and customer service. Reasonable clients understand that business doesn’t always work out as desired. However, they will always expect at least some willingness to provide resolution. If mistakes can be amended, clients may focus on moving forward instead of taking their chances on a civil complaint.

Eliminate Common Hazards

Obstacles, debris, liquid substances, and litter are among the most common factors in slip-and-fall accidents. Some examples in this regard include spills from refrigeration units, extension cords, overflowing trash containers, and dirty restrooms. If floors cannot be kept dry at all times, rubber mats are a sensible solution. Poor lighting is another safety factor many business owners often fail to address even though it can be easily corrected.

Gather Evidence

Witnesses, security guards, and surveillance cameras can go a long way toward preventing frivolous plaintiffs from filing claims and lawsuits. Attorneys who handle liability complaints will measure the prospect of getting a favorable outcome for their clients based on discovery. If they review video footage or photographs that don’t support the claims, they may decide against pursuing them.

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