3 Common Limitations in Car Insurance
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3 Limits in a Typical Auto Insurance Policy

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Car insurance is an absolute necessity for the vast majority of drivers, but those policies are limited in some aspects. While the average policy will help you pay for auto accident repairs, medical bills, and liability issues, some drivers might be surprised to hear everything isn’t going to be covered. There are a few potential limitations to basic car insurance all drivers should be aware of before they hit the road. Here’s what you need to know regarding the limitations common with most types of car insurance, brought to you by Altra Insurance Services, a premier provider of auto, homeowners, renters, and motorcycle insurance San Diego residents can rely on for affordable coverage.

1. Basic Repairs & Maintenance

Proper vehicle maintenance is exceptionally important, but those expenses will rarely be covered by an insurance provider. That includes any parts of the vehicle that were damaged because of regular wear and tear. If you would like to have those expenses covered, you’ll probably need to take a closer look at your vehicle’s warranty. Many newer cars have robust warranties, while some dealerships will let buyers purchase warranties for a flat rate or monthly fee. Another step you can take to save money on repairs is getting multiple quotes from a variety of mechanics. 

2. Commercial Use of Your Vehicle

Ridesharing and delivery jobs have exploded in popularity in recent years, and many people are now using their private vehicles for commercial purposes. While those types of jobs have helped countless drivers earn extra money, it’s important to think about how that type of vehicle use could impact your insurance. As a general rule, traditional car insurance policies won’t cover commercial use, and that includes private contractors working for outside companies. Those who plan on using their vehicles for a rideshare or delivery program should immediately contact their insurance providers to see what type of additional coverage they’re going to need. 

3. Other Parties Driving Your Vehicle

When another individual is driving your vehicle and an accident occurs, you need to be absolutely sure the damage and injuries will be covered. Insurance coverage for other drivers can be extremely complicated, and you should know all of your provider’s regulations regarding drivers who aren’t on the policy. As a general rule, you’ll need to plan on adding other people to your insurance policy if they’re going to drive your vehicle. You can also contact your provider to see if immediate family members and those who live in your home are already covered.

Many of these rules and regulations might seem complicated, but your insurance provider should be able to craft a custom policy that meets all of your needs. Whenever any major life changes take place, it’s always a good idea to revisit your car insurance to see if any changes must be made. Most providers allow you to add riders to your existing policy so you’ll be covered no matter what takes place. This includes adding more people to your policy or even upgrading from a private driver to a commercial driver. 

If you need reliable and affordable auto insurance in chula vista, turn to Altra Insurance Services. For high-quality insurance and unparalleled service, reach out to one of our friendly representatives today at (800) 719-9972 to learn how you can get first-rate coverage and save money on your auto insurance.

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